Amendment of the Engineers and Geoscientists Act of B.C.

Ensuring the future of member-based professions.

We were very concerned about amendments to the the Engineers and Geoscientists Act proposed by APEGBC in early 2015, other than obvious housekeeping ones.

Most were not necessary, and some will facilitate suppression of healthy dissent in the organization thus hurt it, individual engineers, and the profession.

Council ignored urgings to provide objective criteria for removal of a member of council for "bad behaviour", for example.

(Devious attempts to hamper reformers have happened in Ontario and B.C.)

But it got worse - Council asked the BC government to change the act to eliminate the requirement for Members to approve bylaw changes.

Good news is that the efforts of various Members, including our petition to government, resulted in the government deferring action to study the subject, musing that perhaps a complete rewrite of the Act is appropriate due to its age.

Members who signed either of the two petitions to Council regarding act amendments were sent this letterby President Michael Wrinch
A letter to council criticizing their proposed Act amendment regarding removal of a councillor for claimed bad behaviour, and a supplement.

There is a discussion thread in APEGBC's section of the LinkedIn networking site, with points from both APEGBC and members including pro and con. (After logging in search for APEGBC then read the fine print to see which return has links to discussion groups. They appear to be in sequence on the page the return links to, open the title of the group you want to see all postings of.

Our 2015 petition to Council was submitted, thankyou all who helped.
APEGBC rejected our petition, with logic that on first read seems convoluted. Their claimed reasoning has been studied and rebutted.
(An undated background letter was included in the mailing metermarked 2015.08.05 and received two days later.)

Work will continue to stop Council's desired changes to the Act. See our Election and Governance pages for more information.

Please advise other Members of Council's behaviour and our activities.

Forms and resources regarding council.
APEGBC's list of proposed Act amendments 2015

Our Governance page.
Ontario Engineers' grass-roots efforts.
Pride in Engineering

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