Continuing Professional Development

The proposal for mandatory CPD was defeated, receiving less than half of votes cast.
That was a significant decrease in support from the last vote, despite much effort by Council and staff to persuade members.

We suggested that Council give up, and instead put sensible effort into improving the guidelines to increase benefit to Members.

** Instead Council asked government to eliminate member approval of changes to bylaws. **

Government decided to study the subject, see our Act Amendments page for details. (They seem to still want Professional Development, so some education on that is needed.)

The Engineers and Geoscientists Act and APEGBC's Code of Ethics require Engineers and Geoscientists to ensure they are qualified to perform work they undertake. See Ethics, Law, and Conduct

Our viewpoint is that Compulsory Continuing Professional Development endangers the Public (2MB file)

Here's a letter critiquing some aspects of APEGBC's CPD desires. (There have been other letters critical of Council's desire.)

The JanFeb 2015 issue of Innovation has a letter questionning some aspects of APEGBC's CPD proposal, on page 6.

There are discussion threads in APEGBC's section of the LinkedIn networking site, with points from both APEGBC and members including pro and con. (After logging in search for APEGBC then read the fine print to see which return has links to discussion groups. They appear to be in sequence on the page the return links to, open the title of the group you want to see all postings.

Here's an alternate approach to CPD, that Council should adopt.

And former presidents of APEGBC weigh in against mandatory CPD. (Details of the plans may have been changed since written but principles continue.)

Most engineering and geoscience failures are caused by ethical lapses or failure to pay attention to the work.

We advocate that CPD should be left to each member to decide based on his/her own circumstances, following the Code of Ethics which requires that Professional Engineers and Geoscientists ensure they have adequate knowledge for the task they undertake.

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