We work to ensure the future of Member-based APEGBC,
by ensuring fair and rational Member-oriented governance.

2016 election results are now available from APEGBC's web site.

Ed Casas, Brock Nanson, Ross Rettie, and Larry Spence were elected.

Richard Farbridge and Conrad Guelke did well against strong candidates, but were not elected..

This grass-roots group supported the following candidates in the 2016 election:
President: Richard Farbridge
Vice-President: Ed Casas
Conrad Guelke
Brock Nanson
Ross Rettie
Larry Spence

Our group fostered three candidates for office for the 2015-2016 year, two were elected, the other made a strong showing against a well-known candidate who came across well, whereas a primary proponent of the mandatory CPD fallacy bottomed the list getting only a one-year term.

The election process has begun again with establishing a committee to annoint APEGBC-favoured candidates. , Alternative nominations can be made by Members, check the link given on APEGBC's site map. There are deadlines for candidate nominations - the vetting process takes several weeks, including security checks and fussing over wording of statements.

Integrity of the voting process is being looked into.
APEGBC Bylaw number 3 has rules, and AEPGBC's web site has policy information including identify of the experiened third-party voting service provider (who of course has to use APEGBC's member database in some way), and scrutineers.
With only 24 paper ballots cast in 2015, electronic voting is what matters. It eliminates some of the problems with paper ballots but has its own risks.
Abdul obtained information from AEPGBC's CEO, including:
- scrutineers can be in direct contact with the service provider, and can ask questions.
- that results are provided directly to the scrutineers as well as APEGBC. (That may not be properly followed, as the service provider's certification for 2014 and 2015 was addressed to the lead of IT support.)
- both scrutineers and the service provider sign attestations. So far APEGBC has published the certification from the service provider, but it does not include vote statistics as PEO's does, that impedes asking for a recount if results are very close.
We will do more to ensure integrity, including for communication of results. Software quality and integrity is always a large topic.

We support candidates who will act to ensure that the philosophy explained on our governance and home pages is followed. (That requires understanding of the fundamentals of engineering and geoscience, and of the law, plus ability to follow through as we are supposed to do in our work.)


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