Actions by various Members, including the 2016 petition to government, resulted in government deferring action on Council's request to eliminate member voting on bylaw changes.

We urge Members to nominate and elect candidates who will respect Members - see our Election page for leads on how to do that.

The situation in B.C.:
The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of B.C. is intended to be a member controlled organization, operating under and with authority of the Engineers and Geoscientists of B.C.

But council members and staff have been working to eliminate authority of members over policy and spending.

Council went around members’ back to persuade the BC government to remove authority of members over fee increases, instead of persuading enough members to win a vote.

(There's a letter on page 7 of the MayJun2010 edition of Innovation raising the question of democracy regarding council deciding on fee increases without approval of members.)

Then Council wanted to reduce the traditional 2/3 majority for major decisions to ˝ +1. We believe that will harm the profession in the long run. High thresholds served the Association well for decades, they help prevent rash decisions thus they foster stability. (Two arguments heard from council members are easily rebutted: - that the 2/3 majority requirement is old is an application of the old is good/bad, new is good/bad fallacy that doesn’t look at principles, which is not professional methodology.
- that few professional associations use it is an argument to be sheep instead of professionals.

We hoped that the recent rejection of the proposed bylaw for mandatory CDP, by more than half of members who voted, would motivate council to drop both ideas. But alas! Council decided to grab for the brass ring by asking government to give them unchecked power to change bylaws, without ratification by members.

For more information on that and act amendments overall, see our Act Amerndment page.

OECD points out that council does not represent the public, members do.


The next annual general meeting of APEGBC will be held on the 22nd of October 2016 in Victoria BC.
It provides an opportunity for persuading others to help return APEGBC to member governance, by personal contact, a booth a booth, and motions. (A form will be available, probably via the AGM page of APEGBC's web site.)
The AGM itself is usually n/c to members, whereas the convention is expensive.

We advocate:
a) That APEGBC should practice financial restraint. This means doing a cost-benefit analysis for each program that is run by the Association.
b) That APEGBC activities should be open and accepting of reasoned dissent, regardless of ideology.
c) That the Association should limit its activities to matters that are within its statutory responsibilities, i.e. admission of new applicants and discipline.
d) That Members control the organization, including via a 2/3 majority vote on bylaw changes and requests to government to change the Act.

The best way to find things on APEGBC's web site is the Site Map, linked from the bottom of most pages. (Your browser should have a Find function, likely in the Edit pull-down menu.)

(The term "APEGBC is used herein to represent Council and staff, not members in general. "Members" is used to represent members in general, "the Association" is used to represent the complete organization including members, staff, and Council.)

APEGBC council and staff:
APEGBC Council
Key staff of APEGBC.
(APEGBC's web site does not provide names of committee members, they've been asked to.)
Forms and resources regarding council.

Ontario Engineers' grass-roots efforts.
Games played in Ontario to remove councillor.
Be Proud of the accomplishments of Engineers and Geoscientists for human life.

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